Race against time

By Steve Gates

Dear NRPG members and interested,

There is now a hard push for gas fracking in the Kimberley and the Beetaloo Basin in northern Australia, which is a major threat to our climate and healthy water and land.

Please support these efforts to stop this permanent damage.

Kind regards,
Steve Gates

President, NRPG Bushcarers

Race against time

Environs Kimberley
Hi Steve,
This month, while communities in the Kimberley are still recovering from the biggest flood in WA’s history, it was announced that the world reached 12 consecutive months of unprecedented global heat[i].As the climate crisis escalates, the urgency to stop fracking and shut down the oil and gas industry in the Kimberley never has been greater.Edgar Range – covered in petroleum leases where fracking can occur. Photo: Damian Kelly The International Energy Agency warns that to abate further climate catastrophes, there can be no new oil and gas developments.Yet frackers, like Black Mountain Energy (BME) from Texas, are determined to open up the Canning Basin in the Kimberley to this dangerous and polluting industry:BME recently received approval to extract 100 million litres of Kimberley water per annumThe company is planning 20 gas-fracking wells in Martuwarra Fitzroy River catchment which would requite another 2 billion litres of water, andwants a pipeline to the Pilbara, which would require  2,000 gas-fracking wells to make it viable.BME’s fracking proposal, which risks being a disaster for the Kimberley and for the global climate, is currently under review by the Environmental Protection Authority.
If accepted, it would be the first fracking proposal approved since the scientific inquiry into fracking. It would trigger an eight-week public comment period, during which we will need to mobilise to the fullest extent, to reach as many of our supporters as possible and engage experts, to oppose the proposal.This is why we urgently need your help.Funding we receive will go towards the following: Supporting Traditional Owners and keeping them informedResearch and information gatheringEngaging expertsSubmission writingDisseminating information and urging action on social and mainstream media and via eventsEngaging with governmentKeeping corporations to accountIf you’d like to support our work to protect the Kimberley from fracking, please donate today.We don’t receive any government funding for our advocacy work. The financial support of members and donors is crucial to protect the Kimberley from fracking. We are grateful for small or large donations, all of which are tax-deductible.  Many of our donors are now giving monthly by direct debit through donations large and small; this helps us plan for the year and provides certainty for our work.  To donate, call us on (08) 9192 1922 with your credit card details, deposit into our account, or you can donate online hereFor the Kimberley!Martin PritchardDirector of Strategy Bank Account for Donations:Beyond Bank BSB:325 185; Account Number: 03626193; Account: Environs Kimberley GiftfundPlease make sure you send us an email so we can send you a tax deductible receipt! Thank you![1] https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-06-05/world-the-hottest-on-record-12-months-in-a-row/103904150Broadcaster photoEnvirons Kimberleyhttps://www.environskimberley.org.au/
Environs Kimberley recognises the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work, live and learn. We acknowledge the countless generations of people who have walked on and cared for this land before us. We respect the relationship Kimberley Aboriginal people have to their land and waters, and will continue to stand by them and fight for the protection of this Country. FacebookTwitterTwitterTwitter


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