Our BIGGEST statement for nature

By Steve Gates

Dear NRPG members and interested,

Join the voices and movement to improve our very weak environmental laws in Australia. Please have your say.

Kind regards,

Steve Gates

President, NRPG Bushcarers

Send a message to your representatives in government with over half a million voices behind it, and together we’ll secure the strong new laws nature and wildlife desperately need.

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​Communities and wildlife across New South Wales are again facing the devastation of record-breaking floods. We stand with everyone impacted, and our thoughts are with the lives and livelihoods lost.It’s moments like these that galvanise us to continue our work together to protect nature and our communities from further damage. We mustn’t have more of the same: digging and burning coal and gas, bulldozing our forests, destroying habitat and putting even more of our precious places, communities and species at risk.We need a new vision for nature protection in Australia. That’s why this week, hundreds of ACF community members around the country are heading down to their local Member of Parliament’s (MP’s) and Senators’ offices to drop off our biggest petition ever: over 500,000 of us calling for new national laws that actually protect nature.People are calling loudly for our Parliament to step up – to end the destruction of our bush, reefs, rivers and wildlife, and restore the nature we all depend on.Will you amplify this huge community demand for strong nature laws? Send this pre-written email to your representatives in our federal government – Labor MPs and Senators – so that even more representatives hear from even more community members demanding we protect and restore nature now.
ACF community members drop off the nature laws petition to their MP’s offices.With politicians heading to Canberra for this year’s final days of Parliament and the crucial new laws we’ve been waiting for on the table for 2023, you can help deliver this mighty milestone of half a million voices for nature so that your government representatives are hearing our message from every angle possible.We’ve pre-written an email for you to deliver the big nature laws petition straight to your government representatives’ inbox – send it now and urge them to speak up in their party room and Parliament for the nature we love and depend on.SEND YOUR EMAILThe Albanese Government has a clear path forward to lead generational change for nature protection in this country, but it’s up to us to make sure they’re bold and ambitious in the crucial weeks and months ahead.Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek can drive international efforts to bring nature worldwide back to health at COP15 in December by leading a delegation that advocates for strong global goals for nature.At home, the government must adopt the Samuel Review’s call for strong, legally enforceable National Environment Standards, and an independent regulator and funding to make sure they’re effective, as it begins drafting new nature laws in 2023.With our bush, rivers and oceans being damaged and destroyed at alarming rates, we must keep raising our voices at this crucial time to ensure the government backs up encouraging statements like its goal of ‘zero new extinctions’ with strong action.Every Labor MP and Senator has a voice and a role to play – we must make protecting nature a top priority. Send your government representatives an email delivering the demands and signature numbers of our massive petition for strong new nature laws!This petition is an incredible testament to people from all walks of life standing up for nature. It shows just how far the conversation has shifted, and how we must seize the momentum we’ve built now.It was launched in 2014 during a decade of neglect for nature when the then-Coalition Government started trying to make our existing laws even weaker.But people like you spoke out to stop it – and together ever since, we’ve defended nature from even weaker laws in creative and awe-inspiring ways. People like you signed petitions, ran events that got others out into nature, wrote to and met with your decision makers, made submissions and spread the word, leading to Senators in our last Parliament rejecting disastrous proposed changes to already inadequate laws.Persistence and people power paid off to stop a bad situation getting worse, but nature is still suffering under our poor existing laws.We have the solutions to turn this around.We need our whole Parliament to aim high, now.Email your government representatives now with a message with over 500,000 voices behind it: urge them to back strong new nature laws and an independent regulator to enforce them.Thanks for standing together for our incredible living world.PhoebePhoebe Rountree
Mobilisation CoordinatorP.S. This December, Tanya Plibersek will represent Australia at COP15 in Montreal, where world leaders will agree on new global goals for nature protection. ACF will be there on the ground – sign up to the People’s Pass, A COP15 newsletter to get news, updates and interviews from the most important global meeting for nature this decade. Australian Conservation FoundationWe are Australia’s national environment organisation. We speak out, show up and act for a world where forests, rivers, people and wildlife thrive. We are proudly independent and funded by donations from our community.
We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country and their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay respect to Elders past and present and to the pivotal role that First Nations Peoples continue to play in caring for Country across Australia.
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