NRPG AGM 2023 Draft Minutes

By Clive Stubbington

Dear NRPG members and interested,


Please see the attached draft Minutes of our AGM in March 2023.

The presentation by Dr Phil Zylstra was very useful in explaining the results of peer-reviewed research that shows how the present ‘prescribed burning’ regime is causing our forests to become much more flammable than they would if left alone to become naturally self-thinned as they mature over at least 25 years. The data shows that 96% of our fires are from prescribed burning and the other 4% are naturally-ocurring. He showed how we can restore forests to this mature low-risk state by simply not burning them and instead use rapid fire detection and suppression resources to fight the 4% of all fires which naturally occur. More information is available at the Fire and Biodiversity Forum 2021 website and soon an update on the Fire and Air Forum 2023 website

Kind regards,
Steve Gates

President, NRPG Bushcarers


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