Inspiring video and Important update on Forest Management Plan

By Steve Gates

Dear NRPG members and interested,

Please be inspired by the video below about the protection of our native forests.

Then, take a minute to remind and encourage the McGowan government to hold to their historic promise!

Kind regards,
Steve Gates

President, NRPG Bushcarers

Dear forest defenders, 

We are just weeks away from the draft Forest Management Plan being sent up to cabinet, and then out for public comment. 

As we all know, the pressure from mining companies and logging interests to keep forests out of secure National Parks is significant. 

When the Premier made his announcement 11 months ago, he said that at least 400 000 ha of Karri, Jarrah and Wandoo forests that otherwise would have been logged will now be protected ‘forever’, ‘for future generations’ and for ‘climate and biodiversity’. 

The only possible way to achieve that is for them to be protected in secure Class A Conservation areas such as National Parks and Nature Reserves. 

But in recent meetings we have been hearing a wavering and backtracking on this 400 000 hectares and weasel words about the intention of the promise and the definition of preserve / protect etc. 

Suffice to say, we have been very frank in our response in these meetings, and we have been making it crystal clear that anything less than 400 000 ha will be a broken promise and will have major impacts on the Premier’s reputation for integrity here and around the country. 

The tone in meetings has improved somewhat, and we’ve been told that DBCA has been ‘testing’ scenarios and then receiving feedback and making the changes, and that the target is to achieve 400 000 ha. 

This is good, but it’s not enough and we need to be reaching the Premier right now with the unequivocal message that his promise was very clear, and we expect it to be delivered. 

I am working with Daniel and the Beeliar Group towards a launch of our NP proposals, and we know that the work we’re doing on the NJF campaign is helping to give strength to Whitby’s arm on mining applications. 

Please share this excellent brand-new video from this YouTube link below and / or from our FB and Instagram, and then send the Premier and Ministers an email. You can use this form and edit it to add your own message

It’d be even better if you can phone any contacts you have in Government to let them know how critical it is that the Premier doesn’t mess this one up. It’s their centrepiece environment policy and failing to deliver it will have massive impacts on his credibility right at a time when integrity in politics is the number one area of interest. 

Protecting at least 400 000 ha of South West forestsThe anniversary of the Premier’s promise to end native forest logging in WA and protect at least 400 000 ha of forests is approaching, and the next 10-year Forest Management Plan (FMP) is being prepared within government right now. This FMP is where the Government’s promise will be delivered. It must protect at least 400 000 ha of …

We’re so close now. It’s not at all surprising to be getting this pushback, and it is critical that we respond to it right now. 

Thanks so much for your backing on this, 



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I live and work on Menang Boodja and the forests I’m dedicated to protecting are throughout Noongar / Bibbulmun Country. I pay respects to Traditional Owners and their ongoing connection to Country: its lands, waters, plants, animals and spirit. This always was and always will be Aboriginal land.


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