Have you seen the news about Shell?

By Steve Gates

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Have you seen the news about Shell?

“Shell wants consumers and investors to think the company is going ‘green’, but nothing could be further from the truth.” Hi Steve,Have you seen the news this morning? Oil and gas giant Shell has come under fire over its claims that the company is taking steps to tackle climate change, even as it continues to explore new oil and gas fields across Australia.  Internationally, pressure on the $318 billion company has been mounting. Now, it’s Australia’s turn.  Our lawyers referred Shell Australia to corporate and advertising regulators over misleading climate commitments on behalf of Comms Declare.   Shell is pouring money into advertising that would make the public believe Shell has plans to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050. Belinda Noble, Comms Declare, says nothing could be further from the truth: “Shell spent nearly half a million dollars on one Facebook video spruiking its net zero target, making it the most expensive single Facebook post of the year.  “But internal Shell emails shown to a US government committee stated net zero was ‘not a Shell business plan’.  “We want the corporate watchdog and advertising standards regulator to hold companies like Shell to account and to make them tell the truth about their environmental impact.  “The days of the world’s most destructive corporations pretending they are the solution to the climate crisis they are actually creating are well and truly numbered.”   You can read the full news story published in the Sydney Morning Herald here.  Shell wants consumers think the company is acting quickly to cut carbon pollution. But far from meeting the “growing demand for cleaner energy”, our client says that Shell’s marketing hides the fact that its core business remains fossil fuels.   Shell is one of the world’s top 10 polluting companies. It continues to explore new oil and gas projects that are inconsistent with the Paris Agreement. Shell’s plan to be a net-zero business by 2050 relies on unproven technologies and misleading ‘nature-based offsets’.  It’s not only Shell. A record number of businesses are making climate pledges as the narrow window of opportunity we have for limiting global heating to 1.5 °C closes in, including some of Australia’s largest coal and gas producers.  In the race against climate change, greenwashing undermines critical action on reducing emissions and erodes trust in green or renewable products. It’s a threat to our climate, and our future.  That’s why we’re working with clients to hold companies like Shell to account for the claims they make on climate, to demand transparency from corporate polluters and stamp out climate greenwashing.   With you behind us, we can turn the tide.  Kirsty Ruddock,
Managing Lawyer, Safe Climate Corporate & Commercial


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