Greetings – only 2 days left to invest just $10 so that you can ensure our Hon. Min for Environment, Mr Reece Whitby knows how THRILLED you are with the clearly ENVIRONMENTAL, SCIENTIFIC & STRATEGIC assessment by the EPA of the proposed ‘City of Gosnells MKSEA 2’ that would otherwise significantly & detrimentally impact the GREATER BRIXTON STREET WETLANDS.

By Steve Gates

Support also “acquisition and expansion within the GBSW and its buffers”.

If you get the time, appeal for CONDITIONS to be strengthened.

Add a CALL for incorporation in YULE BROOK REGIONAL PARK, listing as RAMSAR Wetland and listing as a WORLD HERITAGE AREA.

Please share & encourage others to appeal and if you have time (even after the appeals deadline), follow Eddy’s (Wajon) actions and let the Premier know of your support to protect and properly manage GBSW for conservation.  Also Member for Gosnells (Chris Tallentire) and YOUR local MPs etc, etc.

Best & I can already hear GBSW thanking YOU!!


Link to Conservation Council (CCWA) media release


Pages 75 + 76 = Key. Including:

  • “should not be implemented”
  • “baseline information and surveys lacking comprehensiveness”
  • “the EPA Panel reiterates the need for better protection through acquisition and expansion within the GBSW and its buffers”
  • “A high level of protection and a coordinated management approach is required to improve long term management with a framework that considers cumulative effects and includes strategic restoration and enhancement”.

Unfortunately, the EPA did go on to recommend: “The EPA Panel advises that if the relevant Ministers are of the view that the amendments should be implemented then the conditions provided in Appendices A and B should be imposed”.

Note some conditions need to be tightened.

(I can see why they put these in …. So that if the Govt disgraces itself and rejects the EPA’s RECOMMENDATIONS – then there are some considered conditions in place.)

PAGE 75 =

PAGE 76 =

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Urban Bushland Council WA Inc

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