Federal Election 2022

By Clive Stubbington

Dear Resident:

The fate of Kalamunda’s rapidly reducing natural environment may be in your hands. This Federal government election gives us all a chance to safeguard our bush, even as our “Shire” has become a “City”.

The beautiful bushlands in our area makes living in the hills and foothills a delight. They are the prime reason most residents move into the area and, they need protecting and preserving for future generations.

We are concerned about the steady loss of our natural environment. Failure to halt the slow incursions, the tree loss, the disappearance of green spaces, will have only one outcome – the permanent loss of those essential values and a poorer lifestyle.

The election of supportive candidates could see the rate of clearing of natural bushland slowed, wildlife habitat increased and flora and fauna restored.

So make your vote count. Quiz your local candidates on their environmental priorities, their record to date and their stance on environmental issues that matter to you. Only by electing those who acknowledge the huge threat looming over the local natural environment will we retain our reputation as a ‘Home in the Forest’.

Thank You


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