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Save Our EPA campaign update, news from our teams and more.

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Welcome to the CCWA Monthly Newsletter for February!From the PresidentIt has been a dynamic and busy start to the new year with much work from staff resulting in important events for the conservation movement in WA. The first was our Environment Matters forum on proposed changes to environmental protection regulations, which was then followed the next day by a rally on the steps of Parliament opposing the changes. Attendance at both events was massive and indicative of the frustration that many in our community have been feeling about a government deaf to our concerns. The rally has sent a clear signal that we will oppose any changes that undermine the power and independence of the Environmental Protection Authority and remove our rights to appeal. A follow-up meeting with the Environment Minister has now been organised.We are so pleased to announce Jess Beckerling, formerly with the WA Forest Alliance, as our new Executive Director. We believe this marks a turning point for CCWA and are confident that Jess will set a clear course of action for the organisation aligned to shared values. Thank you all for your continued support.Dr Richard Yin
PresidentSave Our EPA – Protect WA NatureThe CCWA team has been working closely with member groups and other nature conservation groups in WA to form a campaign to ‘Save Our EPA – Protect WA Nature!’ On Monday 12 February we held an Environment Matters forum to explore the challenges posed by proposed changes to the state’s environmental assessment system.  Key takeaways from this event included the critical need to: Urgently resist any dismantling of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) amidst the climate and biodiversity crises in WA.  Safeguard appeal rights against potential threats  Organise in our communities and engage with MPs to build and amplify our collective power  Watch the recording from this event herePhoto: Environment Matters Thank you to everyone who showed up on the steps of WA Parliament on the first day of sitting – the rally was inspiring, demonstrating a strong shared commitment to our environment.  You can catch the highlights on our YouTube channel herePhoto: Save our EPA RallyWe are working with others on the most strategic steps forward to save our EPA. Stay updated on our efforts and upcoming actions.Get Updates  Program updatesFossil FuelsThe Fossil Fuels team has been busy preparing for the extreme heat conditions fueled by climate change to inspire our communities to take action! Our flagship campaign Go Beyond Gas collaborated with the WA Council of Social Services (WACOSS) to host ‘Feeling the Heat’, an event on the health and social impacts of climate-fueled high heat and heatwaves, to a crowd of 130 in-person and online.  

Photo: Feeling the Heat event. L-R: Victoria Pavy (CCWA), Carol Green (WACOSS), Claire Gibellini (Oversight Council Co-Chair – National Autism Strategy, Policy Officer and Researcher), James Ashley (BOM), Carolyn Orr (Doctors for the Environment), Shelby Robinson (WACOSS), Liam Lilly (CCWA).The team also collaborated with groups from the WA Climate community on an event highlighting the ‘Health Impacts of Gas’. We have a lot of work to do to reduce the health risks of gas, from increasing household ventilation and buying electric cookers to stopping the biggest gas plans from going ahead. Photo: Health Impacts of Gas event. A collaborative effort from Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA), Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC), Australian Conservation Foundation Perth Community, Earthwise Community and Go Beyond Gas.  For all the students out there, Go Beyond Gas joined the O’Days across ECU, Murdoch and Curtin uni campuses to highlight WA’s big gas problem and why we need to protect our oceans from gas expansion projects. If you missed us, don’t worry, you can sign up here.Volunteer with Us Better ClimateIn February, the Better Climate team continued our stakeholder engagement and finalising the first draft of our decarbonisation report, “25 Solutions for a Better Climate”. The report will cover high level policy solutions across the whole of the economy for the State and Federal Governments. The team met with the Smart Energy Council and a range of Unions to discuss collaborative opportunities to advocate for the renewable energy transition.  Better Climate is committed to supporting the Western Australian agriculture and food sector in their journey towards carbon neutrality and net zero emissions. We attended the WA Innovation and Sustainability Showcase which provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by the industry. Better Climate is calling for a Parliamentary inquiry to be held into the climate bill, to hear evidence regarding the impacts of climate change on WA communities, examine emissions reduction targets for the state, and hear evidence about how strong climate action can position the state as a competitive economy in a low carbon future. Citizen ScienceOur Little Penguin Project is making progress with the implementation and monitoring of climate change interventions. This has recently included the installation of penguin misting and cooling stations on Penguin Island. To find out more about our Little Penguin project, including how to get involved, visit our website. This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program.Photo: A little penguin on Penguin Island with one of the cooling stations.Thanks to all the awesome Bat Champions that have been taking part in our bat monitoring pilot this summer. We’re now coming to the end of the pilot and will be reviewing the results, processes, and feedback over the coming months. While we’re reviewing, don’t forget to let us know here if you discover or know of any bat roosts so we can add them to our bat roost database.While our bat citizen science will take a pause as we process the results of the monitoring, we’ll be sharing information on other citizen science opportunities soon – stay tuned!Photo: CCWA Citizen Science Program Manager, Kelly Sheldrick, speaks at the World Wetlands Day bat walk and talk at Mary Carroll’s Wetland. Join the Fight: Support CCWA in 2024!2024 marks a crucial juncture for CCWA as we fiercely advocate for robust environmental protection and spearhead vital actions in the global fight against climate change.With your support, we’ll continue to be a bold voice for the environment, driving collaborative efforts in WA to ensure real, impactful outcomes. Donate today and be a part of our mission to protect nature in WA. Every contribution counts!Donate Upcoming Events

Save Scott Reef Campaign – Fremantle LaunchJoin us for a special community event at Fremantle Town Hall to hear from nature and climate experts about the new campaign to save the pristine Scott Reef off the Kimberley coast from Woodside.Scott Reef is teeming with unique biodiversity, including vulnerable green sea turtles and endangered pygmy blue whales.This natural wonder is now under threat from Woodside’s Burrup Hub mega-gas project. The fossil fuel giant wants to drill over 50 wells at this stunning location as part of its plans to develop the Browse gas field, turning pristine waters into an industrial zone.11 years ago, the WA community, led by Broome locals, took on Woodside and won.Now, it’s our time to stand up again to Save Scott Reef for good!WHEN: Thursday, March 14th, 6.30pm-8pmWHERE: Fremantle Town Hall, 8 William St, Walyalup/Fremantle WA 6160RSVP CCWA regulatory submissions for FebruaryCCWA lodges submissions to regulatory bodies on projects of public interest and which involve activities that pose significant risks to the environment.Some of our submissions lodged and activities this month include:Rottnest Island native vegetation clearing for worker accommodation – submission to Department of Water and Environment (DWER).  Cougar sand extraction Myalup with threats to RAMSAR wetlands, Threatened Ecological Communities (TEC) and Matters of National Environmental Significance – s38 referral to the EPA and submission to Shire of Waroona.HyEnergy green hydrogen and ammonia with huge land and marine impacts – new referral submission to EPA.  Rangedale Landholdings with impacts to wetlands and MNES – submission under EPBC Act.  Garden Street extension Southern River, a road through a wetland in City of Gosnells – submission to EPA Public Environmental Review.  Coogee Chemicals East Rockingham in proximity to TEC, new license submission – submission to DWER.Meetings with the Appeals Convenor on Perth Surf Park, and West and South Erregulla.News & MediaCCWA announce Jess Beckerling as Executive DirectorWA’s leading environmental groups call on Cook Government to scrap changes to EPAParliamentary inquiry finds fossil fuel giants fail to meet obligationsChoking the Energy Transition: Woodside continues to increase emissions amidst climate crisisCCWA respectfully acknowledges the Whadjuk People of the Noongar nation, along with the Traditional Owners of all Countries where it works. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. CCWA seeks to always walk alongside our Aboriginal partners, recognising their continued connection through land, sea, culture and community. Conservation Council of Western Australia · 1186 Hay Street , West Perth, WA 6005, Australia


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