Dear NRPG members and interested,

By Steve Gates

For your information.

Kind regards,
Steve Gates

President, NRPG Bushcarers


I really hope this email finds you well and refreshed from our successful rally at Patric Gormon office in the protection nature.

I Need your help in telling this important Journey on how to become a voice for our precious natural world, the one that supports the food we eat, the water we drink and the environment we feel and breathe. 

I am collecting material for an episode in my podcast called (Life’s Salad) to show the steps one can take in acknowledging their anxiety pains or concerns on the neglect and ignorant treatment of our precious earth. By taking the first step of providing a voice for change in the governance of our laws and attitudes towards natural permanence of our bushlands, forrests, mangroves, wetland and life to become a part of the solution and to become a custodian of the natural world.

plural noun: custodians
A person who has taken the responsibility of taking care and protecting something of value, be it Spiritual, Physical or Natural.

The narrative of this story arc is the steps that can be taken in joining organisation such as yourselves to become a part of the solution as a Custodian of nature.

In your networks I am needing the following examples in fresh voices for audio material. Please select the numbered items where you think you know of someone who can share a story, a message or an antidote. These easy going conversations are taken in a relaxed natural setting in the outdoors. 

The introduction 

1. One to two personal stories about the connection to nature, did it develop when you were a child experiencing camping or living in the country or near the sea or witnessing the destruction of our bush land and future, What was the trigger for you ? 

2. What emotions and feelings were growing inside of you with this real concern and what were your first steps to rectify the abuse toward the species of the natural world be it flora, fauna, soil fungi.

3. What are nature laws ? and why is the new reform for the law not working?

4. How can demonstrating the right of nature help toward change ?

5. What can someone do to take the first step in the protection of nature.

6. What help could your campaign use be it volunteers for helping with heavy lifting of rally equipment or visiting local council for assessing possible candidates toward nature laws. Please specify what you are lacking in help in all areas of campaigning for nature laws.  

7. Any exciting or funny antic stories do you know of while campaigning at rallys. I will approach Paddy Cullen and if you know of any one who has a fun story to share like Dressing up as a native animal. 

Can volunteers travel and network with various campaigners around Australia this would be fun ? and if so is there accommodation for their help available ?

8. What is it like to be dealing with the authorities, be it police, local and government with peaceful protesting ? 

9. What are other ways of passing on the message could it be holding a BBQ or Party for the protection of nature ?

10. If someone does not wish to join a campaign what can they do on their own or with their network of friends or work colleges. Do you have websites or resources that can be accessed for training for letter writing or approaching people for change?

Every journey starts with that first step along with the desire to help within a destiny that is greater than yourself.

Many of these questions will be ticked off with the natural flow of the questions. 

Please send back from the above list of numbered items a fresh voice from your network once received. I will contact you. 

I am certain with the right stories and emotive messages, this will encourage the listener to take the first step for themselves. 

and of course a recording and material will be supplied to you to use as promotional or how you see fit .

Looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story 🙂

Regards Paul Lamberth 

LiFe’S SaLaD

The Sweetness Restored.

It is clearly established in the research that connecting with the natural environment enhances our psychological health and reduces feelings of social isolation. It helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and a range of other mental health symptoms. When we experience the natural world, we activate parts of our nervous system that are known to be calming and that are also central to building closer and more positive connections with other people. Put simply, when we are close to nature, we function better and we feel more grateful and appreciative of the life around us.

Sincerely Paul Lambert 

0404297100 🙂


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