A New Dawn for Climate and Nature

By Steve Gates

Dear NRPG members and interested,

For your information.

With the outcome of the federal election, the NRPG hopes for new enthusiasm and action to address so many environmental and climate issues.

We intend to followup with the recently new state Environment Minister and new federal government on various issues we have raised over the years to progress them.

Kind regards,
Steve Gates

President, NRPG Bushcarers

Huge opportunities ahead with big changes in our Parliament – it’s up to all of us to make it happen.

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Hi Steve
​Communities around the country have just delivered a momentous shift in our nation. And it carries with it a deafening call for climate action and a fairer democracy. This is in no small part thanks to the long, hard work of grassroots communities advocating for people and nature. Years of dedication has amounted to the clearest mandate yet for our Parliament to step up – at a time when nature needs us most. To all of you who keep raising your voices and work so incredibly hard in your communities: thank you. This is an incredible moment.Community members wave Climate Action Now signs

Image credit: Julian Meehan Photography
Enormous opportunities lie ahead with a new Parliament to meaningfully address the climate and extinction crises, create a fairer democracy, and for First Nations Peoples to speak for Country, which is fundamental to protecting nature in Australia. Our work together now is to harness these opportunities to lock in and raise ambition for real, long-lasting outcomes for people and nature. Climate action: cutting pollution rapidly this decade Our new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has said he wants climate action to be his legacy. He comes to office with a much more credible plan for cutting pollution than those of the Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments, but the electorate has delivered a mandate for even stronger action. With commitments like generating 82% of our electricity with renewables by 2030, Labor has committed to cut climate pollution by 43% this decade. This is a big step forward, but we know the science demands they go even further if we want to have a safe climate. Protecting and restoring nature When it comes to nature, few countries have as much at stake as Australia. We are a global deforestation hotspot, many of our most important ecosystems like the Great Barrier Reef and the Murray Darling River Basin are collapsing. And we have one of the worst extinction records on Earth. The Labor Party has made some big promises for our natural world, like making strong laws that protect nature and creating a national independent Environmental Protection Authority to enforce the law. They’ve backed setting goals to stop and reverse nature destruction by the end of the decade. And they’ve committed to respecting and working with First Nations Peoples as the custodians of our lands, waters and seas. Our new government will take to the global stage later this year for two key international meetings for our planet. One where they will make commitments to stop nature destruction and set it on a path to recovery, so that by 2030 nature is in better health than it is now. The other where countries will update and collaborate on more ambitious targets for cutting climate pollution this decade.
The coming months are a critical window for us to make sure our new government delivers – and to ramp up the ambition Australia takes to the world.
Want to connect and reflect on this moment with us, and check in about the road ahead? Join me and Campaigns Director Paul Sinclair this Wednesday as we debrief and share our plans for the critical first months of the new Parliament. What: A new dawn for climate and nature: post-election briefing with ACF CEO Kelly O’Shanassy and Campaigns Director Paul Sinclair.
When: Wednesday 25 May, 12.30-1.15pm AEST (that’s a 12pm start in SA and NT, 10.30am in WA).
Where: Online via Zoom – RSVP for the link to join. RSVP NOW Our work together is more critical than ever. We’ve achieved incredible things – now let’s take it to a whole new level. But that’s only possible with the incredible support and generosity of people like you Steve. Your Earth Voice monthly donation powers our work and gives us the certainty to plan ahead for the long-term. Your support gives us the confidence and power to take action when it matters the most. An extra special donation today will help us keep achieving positive outcomes for nature and climate.
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From the bottom of my heart, thank you. We literally could not do any of this without you. “Together we can end the climate wars. Together we can take advantage of the opportunity for Australia to be a renewable energy superpower .”
Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese: Saturday 21 May Together, we have plenty of work to do to get our new government to follow through with their commitments, and raise their ambition to help solve the climate and extinction crises. The Coalition led by Scott Morrison lost this election partly because of its weaker climate policies. ACF urges the Coalition in opposition to meet the majority-held view for climate action, and move Australia towards a bipartisan approach to cutting pollution. The future now looks a little brighter on many fronts – for nature, our climate, First Nations justice, a fairer democracy, gender equity and more. Together, let’s make this a new dawn for climate, nature and our communities. KellyKelly O’Shanassy
Chief Executive OfficerP.S. Watch and share our video marking this moment via Facebook! Australian Conservation FoundationWe are Australia’s national environment organisation. We speak out, show up and act for a world where forests, rivers, people and wildlife thrive. We are proudly independent and funded by donations from our community.
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