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NRPG has a range of books which are useful references for bushland regeneration and friends' groups. Contact Elaine Sargent if you would like to borrow any of these (available to members only).

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A guide to Native Grasses in the Perth Hills



Bush Forever Volume 1 

Sets out the background and outlines the strategies for implementation to be followed in meeting its principal challenge – the protection and management of areas recommended to fulfil its objective of achieving a comprehensive, adequate and representative reserve and protected area system.

Bush Forever Volume 2 Directory of Bush Forever sites   
Bushland Conservation Volume 1 Bushland plan of Management and Council Policies.  Volume 1 of 5 volumes.  
Creekline Restoration File Contains notes on Riparian Management – Water Notes – Water Facts, Water Quality Management. WA, Algal Blooms  
Fire Management Planning for Urban BushlandDavies, SueA guide for Landowners, Fire Officers and Bushland Friends’ Groups.  
Watsonia And Its ControlDay, Peter

October 1992

 2 copies 
Environmental Weed Strategy For Western AustraliaDept. Conservation and Land Management

Includes C.D. Weedbase. 3rd May 1999. Click here to report to download this report online.

A Draft Bill For A New Local Govt. ActDept. of Local Govt

December 1994.

Recollections of the Beeliar WetlandsDrake, C., Kennedy, S.

Recollections of long-time local residents.

2001-2002 Register of Members and Code of ConductEnvironmental Consultants Association


Windows on the Past – Windows to the FutureEringa, Karel



Home Owner’s Bushfire Survival Manual

Western Weeds:  A guide to the Weeds of Western Australia

Hussey, B.M.J. Keighery, et al. 

Click here to view the on-line version  
Introduction to Bush Regeneration  3 
Managing Dieback in Bushland

Kilgour, Sharon

A guide for landholders and Community Conservation. Click here to view an on-line version from 2005.

National Botanic Garden Of Wales Souvenir Guide, Summer 2000    
Description and Key to the Identification of Grasses in South-Western Australia

Paterson, J.G.


Perth’s Bush Plan Volume 2, Part A: keeping the bush in the city.


Perth’s Bush Plan Volume 2, Part B

Perth’s Bush Plan Volume 2, Part C    
Reality, Dreams and Pathways: 3rd edition

Tizard, Brett

A manual for preparing and implementing management plans  
Burning Our BushlandUrban Bushland Council (WA)proceedings of a conference about fire and urban bushland. 1995.  

Waterway and Catchment strategy – Perth Airport South – Crumpet Creek Draft, June 1997

Western Australia’s State Weed Plan 

Aa new strategy in the war on weeds. Draft for public comment.  Bulletin 4373, June 2000.



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