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NRPG Membership


Please remember that membership fees are due at each AGM, usually held in March each year.

Fees for individuals are $10.00 and families $20.00 inc GST). Please, please make sure your membership is renewed because it’s not the money that is so important as the MEMBERSHIP.

Why? In order to go into bat for the bushland, the NRPG needs to remain a credible, representative community organisation. We have managed to have a fully-paid up membership of around 100 in recent years, and we need to maintain that level. In fact, we outstrip almost every other local voluntary body in solid, official membership, and that’s why people do take notice.

Remember, you can send in your membership details (name, address, contact number, email address if you have one) along with a cheque to our postal address: PO Box 656 Kalamunda 6926, or pay in person at the AGM.


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If You Need Help…


Environmental Reserves Officer

Shire of Kalamunda


9257 9999

NRM Coordinator EMRC

9424 2422

0428 101 223

Coordinator Environmental Services

Shire of Kalamunda

9257 9999


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Volunteer Work Hours


Reminder to all Friends Groups to continue to write down your group’s work hours in a diary. This is important for later in the year when the Shire Environmental Reserves Officer will survey the groups for the total hours worked in the year; it will have a bearing on how much grant funding you can apply for if you choose to do so; as well as being important in case you ever need to show it for insurance purposes.


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